11 JANUARY 2012

Competence Management comes under the spotlight
for UK's World-Leading Industry - Wind Energy

Renewable energy experts are working together to move forward a programme of competence management in the offshore wind and marine energy sector. Competence management has been mandatory for the oil industry for some time in the UK. However, it is not quite so well known that competence management is as necessary to the renewables industry. In particular, competence programmes are used in the management of seabed power cables, which connect to offshore wind farms.

Maritime Training & Competence Solutions (MTCS Ltd), Windermere, are currently working with a number of contractors such as CTC Marine (now part of the Deep Ocean group), Canyon Offshore (part of the Helix group) and Osiris on both the installation and burial of seabed cables - and running a competence management programme. In addition to the training procedures used in trenching to install and bury power cables, MTCS Ltd have taken a proactive stance on the issue of competency to prevent and minimise current and future risks.

Underpinning their commitment to make the renewables sector a safe and responsible jurisdiction in which to do business, MTCS Ltd deliver both training and competence services both in the UK and world-wide. Their aim is to show the industry how a fully accredited, dedicated Subsea Competence Management Program should work for the offshore wind farm industry and other relevant industries.

Steve Start, Operations Director at Fluor Limited, a world-leading, publicly traded engineering, procurement, construction and project management company has recently undergone a renewables industry competence management programme. Steve said: " I am impressed by the competence scheme run by CTC Marine (Deep Ocean group) and MTCS Ltd. If risks of accidents are minimised during the laying of cables, this can only be good news - and it also helps reduce the costs for client operations."

Renewable UK, the country's leading voice for the renewable energy industry, showed its commitment to the area of competency in July 2011, when Renewable UK and the UKCPC (United Kingdom Cable Protection Committee) announced the agreement and publication of a new health and safety accord dedicated to addressing the specific challenges and opportunities for the offshore wind and marine energy sector
. The Accord is not only the first of its type in the UK, but is also thought a global first for the renewable energy sector.

Providing a full IMCA-aligned Competence Scheme Management service, MTCS Ltd ensure personnel are demonstrating competence in the offshore workplace. In addition, MTCS Ltd provide a spectrum of operational, technical and supervisory training to the offshore wind farm industry. The majority of their courses focus on subsea technology including, remotely operated vehicles, as used in offshore wind farms and also in the oil & gas industry.

For further information on MTCS Renewable Energy courses, and other training opportunities, please contact Richard Warburton, MTCS, Tel: 015394 48233 or email

28 FEBRUARY 2012

UK's Wind Energy is a World-Leading Industry sector for Jobs

Trends point to a growing importance of the offshore wind energy segment, both for renewable energy production and for job creation. Most of the highest goals on renewable energy production are based on offshore wind systems, involving large numbers of mega-turbines and large-scale resources and investments. However, with a 91 per cent growth for UK wind energy employment, this could be the perfect time to enrol on one of the many high-quality courses available in the renewable energy sector.

This growing sector promises rewarding careers together with long term economic benefits in challenging natural environments, using emerging technologies that will demand highly qualified and skilled technicians and engineers. Maritime Training & Competence Solutions (MTCS), Windermere and The Whitlock Energy Collaboration Centre at Carnegie College, Rosyth, Scotland, are committed to exploring all opportunities and challenges in delivering a skilled workforce for the Renewable Energy Sector.

A series of new Renewable Energy courses are now available at MTCS, with a 3 day 'Subsea Technology Awareness Course,' which is designed to assist companies in becoming familiar with aspects of Subsea engineering that are pertinent to the Renewable Energy Industry. The course will cover important safety legislation, which applies to subsea engineering and specific codes of practice that relate to working in the marine environment. There is also a 2-day training course, which introduces the techniques, equipment and procedures used to install and bury power cables in the Offshore Renewable industry (Levels 1& 2 available). Cable installation and burial, form a critical part of the construction process of an offshore wind farm. Both courses may be run at MTCS, or at Carnegie College. Alternatively courses can be run at a client's premises and be tailored to their specific requirements. Candidates must have a basic understanding of the marine industry and ideally have some involvement of subsea activities in their normal workplace.

MTCS is a fully accredited assessment and training centre providing a spectrum of operational, technical and supervisory training to the offshore industry. The majority of their courses focus on the renewable energy industry and remotely operated vehicles, as used in the oil, gas and nuclear industry.

Jim Brown, Head of the Whitlock Energy Collaboration Centre at Carnegie College, Rosyth said:  "Carnegie College's commitment is to develop the future skills and knowledge that will be required in order to secure long-term employment and sustainable economic growth. An exciting element of the work carried out by the Whitlock Energy Collaboration Centre is to provide a supportive environment within which "collaboration" can take place on issues of mutual interest relating to themes surrounding renewable energy.

"Carnegie College has played a major role in the development of the first Wind Turbine Technician Modern Apprenticeship and the MTCS renewable energy courses are an ideal complement to our programme."

Offshore Marine Academy, Bristol, provide a twelve month training programme for new entrants into the offshore industry and one aspect of this is 'An Introduction to ROV' which is provided by MTCS. David Martin, Academy Director commented: "The MTCS programme is always well received and the combination of quality classroom instruction coupled with hands-on activity, provides the students with the level of knowledge they require in an enjoyable 5 days of training.

For further information on MTCS Renewable Energy courses, plus other training opportunities, please contact Richard Warburton, MTCS, Tel: 015394 48233 or email

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