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What is Fox Communications?
FOX Communications is a freelance, media relations business with a relaxed, friendly approach. The business is based in Cumbria and led by director Cherie Fox. Established in 2008, Fox Communications has already built an impressive list of Local and National clients, providing a creative, high quality, value-for-money media relations service to local, regional and national businesses.

Fox Communications has fourteen years experience in the media relations and journalism industry, working for clients ranging from the:
National TrustLocal District Council, Hospitality Industry and the Subsea Training Industry.

Media relations can generate editorial coverage far in excess of most advertising budgets and it is with this in mind that I use my expertise to help my clients raise awareness of their company, promoting either a product, a service, or an event. Very often, I find the best way to help clients raise awareness of their company and its services, is by telling a human story, looking at imaginative and unexpected story angles, as these type of press stories are very popular with the media.
However, it is sometimes more appropriate to write a more technical article, as is often the case for say the Subsea industry (MTCS), or factual information for Local
Government publications. Whatever your needs are, whether it's writing a press
release, producing copy, or planning a media campaign, I can guarantee Fox
Communications will make your company stand out from the crowd.

Fox Communications offers the following range of services to clients
Press releases
Website editing
Media relations
Campaign planning and management
Strategic Advertising
Marketing literature audit
Internal communications
Exhibition Attendance

Call Cherie on 015395 61025 or 07799 295 409 for an informal discussion on your
company's communications needs, or email

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